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5 New Games For Game Night

Look no further than the Residences at Stevens Pond for your new home! Our community boasts a variety of floor plans and newly upgraded resident amenities. Our spaces include a clubhouse with arcade games and billiards, but if you’d rather relax at home we have a few games we recommend for the ultimate game night!


Jackbox Party Pack

Don’t want to play traditional board games? Try giving Jackbox a go! The Jackbox Party Pack comes in 6 editions now and each pack has 5 mini games for you and up to 7 other players to enjoy. From original games like trivia murder party to dictionarium, there’s endless fun to be experienced. Since these games are online, you will need a gaming console or computer to play the game on. However, you don’t need any additional controllers - mobile devices will be used to connect and submit game requests. Super easy and super fun!


UNO isn’t a new game, but there are now more exciting ways to play the speed focused game. The goal is to get rid of all your cards before other players, but now with the customizable wild cards, you can tailor wild card punishments to your friends and make the games high stakes! You can play with people of all ages and the cards are very portable.


Although this game is not new, Charades is a great game for including everyone in the party. You can plan a theme for all the terms players must act out to make it related to your party, or keep it with themes your friends are interested in like pop songs or movie titles. 

Secret Hitler

If you've ever played werewolf or mafia, you'll understand Secret Hitler right away. Teams are split between the fascists and liberals. The goal of the game is for the Liberals to find out which players are fascists and who specifically is hitler to stop his fascist policies and win.


This is a great game for an older crowd who are newer to modern board games. Collect points as the sun rotates around the hexagonal board and your trees collect light. This game allows for 2-4 players and is very simple to understand for a quick learning process!

Consider Residences at Stevens Pond as your next home. We can’t wait to hear from you! For more information about our luxury apartments in Saugus, MA, contact us at (781) 232-7088 today!


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