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5 Tips When Organizing Your Closet



There are many benefits to having an organized closet. From simply being able to find things quickly to the serenity that walking into a well, put together space can bring. Residences at Stevens Pond has put together a list of tips you can follow when organizing your closet.


1. Purge, Purge, Purge


If you haven’t worn it in years or forgot you owned it, then it is probably time to give it up. We know this sounds scary! The best way to tackle “the purge” is to commit to a time on your calendar. Depending on the current state of your closet, you may need 2-5 hours. Put on your favorite playlist and let the purging begin! You can even earn some cash for your recycled clothing.


2. Hang Shoes On the Door


Shoes can take up a ton of space. One of the best locations to store shoes is on your door. There are a plethora of inexpensive shoe racks, rails, and holders that can help keep your shoes not only out of the way but also keep them in tip-top shape.


3. Use Closet Organizers


Closet organizers will be your best friend. From collapsible boxes to tubs and bins, there are all sorts of storage organizers available. If you are feeling creative, you can even make your own organizers. Old shoe boxes also make a great home for scarves, costume jewelry and sunglasses.


4. Label Storage Boxes & Containers


Having an organized closet should mean it is easy to find what you need quickly. We recommend labeling your boxes and containers to help add that much more organization to your space.


5. Pick an Organizing Method


This tip may be obvious, however choosing the right method for your closet items can impact your results tremendously.

  • Like Items: Organize your clothing into groups of “like” items. For example, coats with coats, and long sleeve tops with long sleeve tops.  

  • By Occasion: You can separate your work clothes from your casual and going out clothes.

  • By Season: You can also separate according to winter clothes and summer clothes.


Tell Us What Organizing Method You Prefer!