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Easy Guest Entertaining Ideas

At The Residences at Stevens Pond, our long list of amenities and spacious apartment layouts offer endless fun. Our apartments for rent in Saugus are the ideal places to host your next hangout with your friends and loved ones. Need some help planning how to host the best party? Here are some of our favorite tips for entertaining guests. 



Entertain With Design

When having guests over, it’s important to maintain the organization of your home. Setting up the table nicely and keeping your apartment fresh can impact the atmosphere of the gathering. If you want to set a certain vibe, start the evening with music you and your guests like. For larger groups, music is a great way to start a conversation or fill in any empty conversation gaps during the night. 


Minimize Your Costs

Entertaining guests can get pricey when you add everything up. Ingredients and materials can be hard to keep to budget. We recommend setting a menu and have your activities fully planned before your hang out so you can easily control what level of spending you will have. Stick to necessary or simpler ingredients and not go overboard with decorations. You can also account for any food allergies beforehand when your guests receive the invitation and menu. 


Reorganize Your Space

When hosting a party, it is important to ensure you have plenty of space for people to mingle and sit. Folding chairs while not the best looking, are a convenient way to add in additional seating if needed for your party guests. You can find more modern designed chairs that aren’t the plain style and easily store them away in a closet when not in use. If needed, you might need to move some furniture around to maximize your apartment space so guests can easily walk around without bumping into things.

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