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How To Adjust to Daylight Saving Time

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Not looking forward to Daylight Saving Day? We have you covered with a few tips on how to combat shifting your day up an hour! Take a look to see how you can prepare for DST.


Gradually Adjust

One hour of sleep can make a big difference in your everyday cognitive functions so it’s important to begin adjusting to daylight saving. An easy way to get ahead of this time change is to start scheduling your daily activities a bit earlier each day leading up to the hour shift. Start going to bed 10 minutes earlier and waking up 10 minutes earlier. This way, by March 8th, you’ll be ready to wake up fresh minded and unhindered by the lost hour.

Brighten Your Space

Our bodies naturally respond to light. If you find it hard to wake up refreshed in the morning, try opening your window blinds up to let in natural light. Sunlight will instantly brighten your morning and tell your body to stop producing melatonin. 


Don’t Eat Late
This might sound like something your mom told you, but eating snacks or meals close to your bedtime can affect your quality of sleep. When you eat late and sleep right after, your body is still digesting that food. This can cause discomfort when you are sleeping and you can lose sleep. During the adjustment period to daylight saving, it is best not to consume foods before bedtime to avoid waking up tired.


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